For more information, give us a call: 206-676-2817 or 206-434-6111
For more information, give us a call: 206-676-2817 or 206-434-6111
Old woman with her caregiver


Universal Home Care LLC believes in patient-focused caregiving. Thus, we make sure that our every assessment will produce recommendations that will best answer the care requirements of our patients. Below are the basic services that we offer:

Provides assistance to seniors or recovering patients in accomplishing daily personal tasks like personal grooming and moving around the house.
Intended for patients who need help in the activities and chores in the house like meal preparation, cleaning, organizing, doing the laundry, and pet or plant care.
We provide this service to elderlies who are otherwise living on their own with no one to provide companionship or reassurance. This comes along with personal assistance at home and chaperoning during doctor’s appointments.
A program specifically designed to provide primary caregivers a few hours to re-energize and rest from their daily role.
We have allied health staff who can visit you at home to provide skilled nursing care or various therapies as directed by your physician. These services will be overseen by a qualified Registered Nurse who monitors your health and suggests adjustments to your care plan as your needs change over time.

Should you have other home care needs which may go beyond the list we have above, feel free to bring them up to us. We will be more than happy to customize a care plan specific for you. Call us at 206-676-2817 and set an appointment to get started.